A graduate of the Institute of Design (Illinois Institute
of Technology – BS 1964), Allan Flowers spent 15
years at General Motors Design Staff, Warren
Michigan, where he was responsible for numerous
designs for Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Chevrolet
automobiles. As Assistant Chief Designer for Buick 1
Studio, he was instrumental with the award winning
1976 Buick Regal and numerous other Buick projects.

In 1980, he became a Chief Designer at Nissan
Design America, where he was also a founder. His
Nissan projects include the Pulsar NX, the NX Coupe,
the original Nissan Altima – and encompassed both
exteriors and interiors, production and advanced. He
also served as NDA’s Manager of Product Design,
working with such companies as Acer Computers,
Taylormade Golf, Ivac Instruments, Yontech Yachts,
Definitive Audio, etc.

In 2001, he established and ran the Nissan Design
Lab, a small satellite studio at the Academy of Art
University, San Francisco – where he also taught
automotive design for three years.

Since retiring from Nissan in 2006, he has worked on
various personal design projects and has consulted for

His designs have won awards in North America, Japan,
Europe, Canada and Australia. His artwork has been
featured in numerous international publications and
several automotive museums including the San Diego
Auto Museum, the Blackhawk Museum in Danville,
California and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn,
Michigan. Most recently he has become a judge at the
Santa Fe Concorso classic car show in New Mexico,
sharing the duties with such automotive notables as
Denise McCluggage, Al Unser and Sir Sterling Moss.
I was always one of those boys who
drew cars, planes, etc. on all my
school papers. Naturally, when I
discovered the Fisher Body
Craftsmans Guild competition, I had to
enter – winning a few state level
awards, a “Styling” award and a “4th
National”. Later, I went off to the
Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of
Technology, Chicago – eventually
earning a BS in Industrial/Product
Design degree. My mentor/teacher at
IIT was the famed Jay Doblin, probably
the most profound influence on me as
a young designer.

My years with GM Design Staff were
highlighted by my other major mentor,
Bill Porter. Later, at Nissan, Jerry
Hirshberg and Tom Semple were the
primary inspiration. Of course, these
four were only the most crucial of many
many talented designers in my life. I
have truly been fortunate to work with
and learn from the very best.

1962 4TH National Award Winner
Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild

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Sept 14, 2015
Gary Smith has been so kind as to put up
some of my work on his Dean's Garage
website. Please check it out, along with
the numerous other features on this
enormous auto-design history site.
Sept 29, 2015
I was at the Santa Fe Concorso, a great event started by Beverly and Dennis Little, with Denise McCluggage, Eric Hoover and a
few other brilliant car folks in Santa Fe. This has become one of the best shows in the country.
Here are a few pix of some of the fantastic automobiles from that event.  The (dark blue) Delahaye (Best of Show/Elegance) and
the (black) Auburn-Cord Boattail Speedster (President’s Award) are truly amazing cars. The Ferrari 250LM (Best of Show/Sport)
eased out a great Maserati. There were many other great cars in attendance. This is the sixth edition of this wonderful show.
I also got to meet Luigi Chinetti Jr. (second from left), a true icon in Ferrari lore, sports car racing, head of NART and a true
gentleman. We were together up on one of the judging teams (me on the right).
Here is an update on my Razor project. I have been working on
aerodynamics (it needs to be better) and the big improvement area
seems to be the underbody and rear diffuser. The new engine pan
adds about 10 lbs and there is about 6 for the diffuser. I have also
added a second element to the the front wing.
A few weeks back I visited the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum in
Carlsbad, Ca. Later I contacted them about donating my Ferret model and they
were delighted to get. It should be on display soon. This is a great museum and
well worth your visit.  
This is my second model to have found a safe home. The Siemens Schuckert D.III
(above) has been part of the WW-1 exhibit at the San Diego Aerospace Museum in
Balboa Park.
June 20, 2019: The opening reception of the "Vision to Reality" show at the San
Diego Auto Museum, Balboa Park. Susan and I were invited since I have some
images featured  in the show.