You've made a
questionable choice
by clicking on that
red pill
today is august 28th as i create this
first page of this blog. This entry is
titled 'HORRIBLE THINGS' that are not
my fault

af 9-28-2015
I need a special category for overrated people
I will leave lots of space to add more!
Send me your comments and I will post them here (maybe)
Done AFTER I left Nissan
As if the first Tiboron wasn't hideous enough...
The Sbarro Wheel is the major design crime of
recent decades. How many design students
have ruined their credibility by using this stupid
A self promoting asshole
SO annoying!
I warned you I would add to this
category (overrated people).
I will start with Camillo Pardo, whose
claim to fame seems to be that he
"did" the new Ford GT.
FACT: it is a rehash of the original
design so what is the big deal here??

Item TWO: Maybe the biggest ego of
recent times is represented by this
obnoxious image of Hendrik Fisker in
the Wassily chair. A rich dude who
bought his way to this point, creating
the automotive equivalent of the
Barbie doll (if you actually saw a
woman that had those exaggerated
proportions, you would be horrified).

Blog post: Sept 6th, 2015 by af
Peter Schreyer, Kia Motors Chief Design Officer
Tom Kearns, Chief Designer (right)
Here are a couple of guys who
deserve all the compliments they can
get. They have done wonders at Kia,
probably making it THE international
automotive design leader.

Blog post: Sept 8th, 2015 by af
Could ANYONE be more obnoxious?
Damn this is nice!
Mazda design has not been that great in recent years but this is a homerun.
Happy 2016! It is time for an update or two.
First is this Facebook post noting the passing
of the famous car customizer, George Barris.
Sorry fans, he was always  a hack and will alway
be one.  (1-6-2016)
And here we have the latest design crime from
China, a futuristic theme car from Faraday
Future called the FFZERO1 which, in the opinion
of its chief designer, Richard Kim, is a great
Sorry Mr. Kim, this stupid mess on a stupid
concept is not what the world needs.
By the way, WRITING that it can do 200mph and
0-60 in under three seconds is not the same as
having a vehicle actually DO that.  (1-6-2016)
OMG, it is Sept 3rd.2017!!
...a long time since I added anything here.
Trump is now our president, although there are many people
trying to undo the election. This is not right.  Yes he is an ###hoie
but he is OUR ###hole. Give the guy a chance.