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This advanced concept was developed in San Diego around 2000 but added to later in San
Francisco at the Nissan Design Lab. The design is intended to blur the boundaries between being in
a vehicle and experiencing it in an outside venue like tailgating, camping or just hanging out.
This Alias rendering
was published in
TIME Magazine.
The TWO ROW interior has its
rear seats fold like many third
rows. A simple cover flips out to
complete the hidden option.
Otherwise the floor well is
available for storage.
A closer look at the light weight seating system.
A couple of wire wheel inspired steering wheels
Mono wiper design
A side view of the two door
Later I redid it as a fastback four door sedan.
A late version with the Rugged Roof
Alias animation software is a great presentation tool but I use it more for mechanical
workouts of things like folding seats, etc. With the time slider I can run through the motions
and observe what's happening at any point in time - checking for interferences, ergonomic
relationships and so forth. This link on the right is for the Blur seating concept.