This was my design for the
rear of the big Pontiac.
Many Buick
A-Body proposals.
Buick Studio proposal, probably around 1976
Buick Electra proposals
Advanced Concept
Proposal 1975
Pontiac A body
Lots of Pontiacs
My boss in Adv 2 Studio (Bill Porter) asked
me to do a tape and airbrush of his blisters
side theme. We were working on an
advanced Pontiac A-body program. This is
the result. I got the blisters all wrong but it
sold the theme, which was later taken over
and finished by the Pontiac production studio.
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A bunch of Buicks, probably created from about 1975-1980. Giorgetto Giugiaro created the boxy look and we drove it into the ground.
Done as an Oldsmobile to demonstrate
the common door architecture.
The heart of production studio work is the creation of many variations for a
vehicle, in this case an A-body (above) and an X-body (below).
More special projects, in this case a series of
wagon derivatives and the graphics to support
them. Incidently, Orlo (Reed) and Ivan (Coop)
were modelers in the Buick-I studio :)
Some special
projects are
actually cool to
work on like a
proposal for the
Regal as an INDY
500 Pacecar.
A few Chevys.
Some Oldsmobiles
More Buicks!
A Cadilllac, done in Adv. 1 during my last
year at GM. I don't have the actual rendering.
This is a Chevrolet front end (A-Body)
Some Pontiac front ends
Buick proposals: The logo on the left was
the starting point for the Regal mark.
You may be seeing a lot of Buick fronts
with the vertical grille played against the
sloping lamps. This eventually lead to the
Buick B and C front end themes.
Another Neo-classic approach to a
Rivera front, and a sketch for a notch
version of the A sedan.
Neo-classic Rivera Proposal
Regal rear end Theme Sketch
These three drawings were done shortly before each car's introduction, for Motor
Trend Magazine. I had contributed to the design process for the Grand Prix but
was just on loan for the Firebird and GTO.