This website is going to be a little rough. The design process I am trying to show is messy, not
as orderly and logical as one might want to believe.  Furthermore I am not a website expert by
any means and I am using a relatively basic program with a short learning curve. Over time I
hope to improve the site, as I add material and try to smooth it out.
Most of the thumbnail images are large enough to see (without clicking to bring up the full
size). However, I have tried to provide bigger pix if anyone is willing to take the time.
The material is not highly edited. I want to show more of the process, rather than a boiled
down summary of each project. Of course there is limited source material, especially on the
older subjects. Many pages are under construction so please bear with me and check back for
updates. I will be working hard on it in the next few weeks.
All content on this website was generated by Allan L. Flowers and is subject to usage restrictions. It is provided here for educational and
informational use only. Limited use of some materials, with proper attribution, etc, may be possible. Contact: allanflowers@yahoo.com