This is my replica/interpretation of a Joseph Long Pennsylvania Rifle, circa 1850. Joe Long was
a well known 1900 Century gunsmith and created hundreds of incredible muzzle loading
percussion cap firearms, many of which are featured in the entertaining and unusual book
"The Kentucky Rifle and Me" by Edith G. Cooper. My project was built from a Track of the Wolf
"kit" and took several hundred hours to complete. It fires a 45 caliber patched lead ball and
creates the biggest boom imaginable, along with a truly impressive cloud of black smoke.
Reprint from:
"The Kentucky Rifle and Me"
Edith G. Cooper
Paper mockups to transfer
to the wooden stock
Cut the brass
Inlet into the wood
Cutting the pocket
Install the button
Sand it all flush
Make and install
the latch parts
All the parts ready
The finished patchbox in the stained Tiger
Maple stock. My gunsmithing is rather poor
compared to the experts but I am still very
happy with this project.
The Trigger Guard starts with a crude
sand-cast part.
This takes hours of filing, sanding and
Half of the work is with the part.
The other half is with the inlet
into the wood.
The incised carving of Joe Long is very nice. I did my best to interpret his design.
Joe Long liked fish as an inspiration. This version is a little more abstract than his.
Accoutrements is the term for the many objects that are part of the overall blackpowder shooting scene.
These are the little parts
that go in the patch box
This is called a
"possibles bag" and
holds all the stuff you
need to shoot.
It was a fun little side
project (I became well
acquainted with Tandy
My dinning room TODAY,
with the rifle on display.
Classic rifle design is a "sacred" thing within the community so naturally I had to stir up things,
using Alias. No proper Kentucky rifle person would dare put a modern scope on an old muzzle
loader so that's where I started.
Alias is actually very
good at this swoopy
rifle "furniture".
Alias is also good at mapping Tiger Maple.
This Ruger Mark III "Hunter" .22 is fitted with custom Cocobolo grips.
This is a Crossman Optima 22 Caliber break barrel air rifle with a redone stock and custom trigger.
More incised
carving inspired by
Joe Long
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A spent cartridge
casing make a good
ferrule for things like
this preloader board.
That's a "capper" - for
holding and loading
percussion caps.
The other things are
powder measures
and a "short starter".