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Upon returning to San Diego after the closure of the Nissan Design Lab in San Francisco, I
was asked to contribute to the ongoing new MAXIMA program. All of the young talent at NDA
was working on this job so it was a real challenge for this old dog. I had to learn a lot more
about sketching in Photoshop in order to keep up with the pups.
My Photoshop technique was inspired by S. Moneypenny's drawings, first scanning in hand sketches then adding
tones. I started in a generally monocromatic pallette, expanding to full color later on in the CUBE project.
MAXIMA, 2004-5
The interior design program was a major part of this effort. It is difficult to draw
an interior to show at least the IP, door panel and a hint of the seat design.
At the end of the day, I had to do a dramatic Alias model of my design. I took inspiration from
Jose de Rivera, a sculptor I had always admired. You can see some images in the
background of his work, which I tried to capture in the flow and detailing of my sedan.
Maybe you can see the Rivera inspiration in the flow of the brite-work of this design.